The Planetfinder is a tool to quickly locate the Moon and planets in the sky for any day/time of the month. To activate the planetfinder select the PLANETFINDER tab in the rise and set textual display.

When the Planetfinder is active it will show the location of the Moon, Sun and planets in the sky. Move the mouse cursor over the calendar to any date/time and the Planetfinder will display locations for this date/time. This enables you to find out what planets are visible at any time from your location.

The planets are represented by symbols, for a legend of the symbols used see the: Events, colors and icons section.

IMPORTANT!Please not that the Planetfinder display is NOT a projection of the sky. This means that the position of objects in respect to each other is not correct. For example if two objects are at an altitude of 80 degrees, one in the South and on in the North the planet finder will show them very far apart when they in reality are close together near zenith. Near the horizon the distortion is less noticeable.